Friday, August 6, 2010

Dragon Story Doll-and her new friends

Recently I was in Chicago for the NIADA convention with my Story Dolls...

Close up of
Dragon Story Doll

During the Show and Sale, I was approached by a couple, Barrie and Danny Shapiro, who own the Toy Shoppe. They are a breath of fresh air in this interesting time we are all living in. Both of them are excited about what they do and so very gracious.

They asked if I would be interested in their shop carrying my dolls. I had to think about this for a bit, and because of their enthusiasm and ease of self...I thought this would be a nice match. So my Dragon Story Doll went into their tender care...

Dragon Story Doll

The vest unfolds to reveal the lore of the Dragon which is imprinted on either side of the opening in Chinese and English.

My Story Dolls are inspired from the Chinese Minority Group; these hats are made for children by their expecting Mother’s incorporating a protective quality into each.

Side view of removable
Dragon Hat

Many years ago I pulled away from galleries and shops, for various reasons. I have worked very hard in this doll world and I have been so very fortunate that I can sell directly to my clients. But Barrie and Danny have such a spark about them, I can envision many happy years together...and so a new adventures begins!

I will keep you posted on where this journey takes us!

Note about my Story Dolls:
The silk chirimen fabric for these dolls is specially ordered from Japan. It has a beautiful matte finish with a very light texture.
The silk can be hand-dyed to depict the doll’s ethnicity.
Each doll’s head is hand sculpted using stone clay, then over-laid with the specially chosen silk and painted in detail. 18 inches tall
For more information about this doll~ Contact here

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