Friday, August 20, 2010

Dolls for NIADA

ok...where were we...NIADA and the dolls...

I created three Story Dolls to take to NIADA, the Dragon (which you have seen in the August 6th post) , the Seahorse, and the Butterfly.

As you know, I love the story behind the Chinese children's hats, I was fortunate enough to add to my collection the book of Stories of Chinese Children's Hats by Phylis Lan Lin. I hold this book very close to my heart because it took many months to locate a (used) copy since it is not longer published but I do cherish it! So when creating my Story Dolls, I take that special feeling and try bring that sentiment to my dolls.

The Dragon Story Doll is a traditional piece, which I love because it has the foundation of what these hats are all about. While the Seahorse and the Butterfly are my creation of what I would make for my child.

I am very fortunate, both of these dolls went to favored collectors who hold some of my other pieces!

The Seahorse
My husband and I both dive and more recently in the last few years, we see (or should I say find after hunting for a bit) Seahorses. They are in grassy and somewhat shallow areas and blend in so beautifully to their surroundings-that is why I choose soft watery colors...
Close up of colors
One of the Seahorses I designed
The pair on the hat
Seahorses are unusual in that
the male carries and delivers the eggs.
So I made a pair- notice the entwined tails!

Close up of stitching and her hand
Notice the lining- of copper and blue tone silk

I love to have surprise in my work-
Wonderful complimentary

fabric on the soles of my dolls.
The Butterfly

Vest opens to the Story (of the Butterfly)
one side in English the other in Chinese
and no...I do not read and write Chinese-
I had it translated!

Close upHat close up
Very close up of embroidered Butterfly

Soles with FlowersI hope you enjoyed this and found
something that touched your heart a bit!


  1. Leslie, these dolls are absolutely beautiful. I admire your work so much! The detail is incomparable. You truly are an artist extrordinaire! Thank you for sharing!

    Jodi (Greeley)

  2. My jaw just dropped to the floor when viewing these dolls! There are really no words I can think of that the first poster hasn't already used except for: lovely. Just down right gorgeous! Wow. Kudos to you. I just purchased your Meow-Meow Neko pattern from DMJ and cannot wait to begin it. I would love to take your classes at John C Campbell as I live in NC. Best, Ani

  3. What more can I say- these dolls are exquisite! I love the story in their vest!
    Thank you for sharing them with us!

  4. Just exquisite! So beautiful! I was fortunate enough to see these in person. :)

  5. WONDERFUL, as is all of your work!
    Carole Henning Larson


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