Friday, August 27, 2010

White Rabbit at Folk School

Rabbits...rabbits...I am still just not quite certain what it is about these funny little creatures that I find so amusing...while they are soft and fluffy and seem quite demure there is a wee bit of a mischievous playfulness about them! hummm... maybe it takes one to know one??I recently taught this class for the first time here at ROotie StudiO. Usagi Rakki or Lucky Rabbit (Usagi =Long Ears). Here are close ups of some of the dolls.

I will be teaching it again at the John C Campbell Folk Art School in NC in September- and yes-there are still openings!!

My students did such a beautiful job! It is such a wonderful feeling for me to create something and then watch it blossom into fabulous dolls made by my students...the color combos and the expressions on their faces- rabbit's faces that is- well...ok- my darling student's faces too!

love is the thread that binds us...

more rabbits to come in the ROotie E-News...

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