Friday, September 3, 2010

Pixie Magic...

All you need is trust and a little bit of pixie dust!
~Peter Pan~

This past weekend, I taught a class in making Pixies...and to make certain the whole day started out right, there was Pixie dust scattered outside my studio door- sparkling like Pixie laughter in the sunlight...
Each student received a kit to make two Pixies, because we all know Pixies love to be with friends and dance! I designed them to be very free form and creative....we broke all the color balance rules that I usually ingrain into my girls...wrapping yarn- willy nilly and little charmed items here and there!

The body design was simple, with the only part taking a wee bit of concentration was the head construction. Each head was a molded face form and over-laid with pima knit fabric. The main body section simply armatured for dancing capability.
front view

The costuming was a ribbon bodice with a sweet gathered skirt of delicate ribbon or tulle. The hair was a snippet of mohair carefully placed in a casual frolicking manner...and then the real fun began pulling out those kept little treasures to make each Pixie detail special.

back view

I will say, that as the day went on you could feel that Pixie Magic becoming more and more present...the laughter of my dear students becoming more and more joyful and the ooo's becoming more and more delighted...yes indeed those charming little Pixies made their magic known!

Laughter is timeless -
Imagination has no age -
And dreams are forever

It was a day that any doll teacher would be grateful for!
Here are just a few of the Pixies...more to come in the ROotie E-News.

Pixies dwell in the twilight, between day and night,
between the heavens and the earth,
between the conscious and the unconscious...
where all things are possible,
where our past and future meet,
where we meet ourselves coming back.
When we dance with the pixies,
we dance with the reflections of
our true selves and the true nature of the world.
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