Friday, October 22, 2010

inka tinka - black cat

Many of you know my love of black cats...well should I say one black cat in particular- mine- Issy or also known as Isabella Sunshine Conchita Little Havana Brown Molen and yes, she is every bit of that! ...and we love her feisty-ness and all.

oh I know I look sweet here
but just give me a second or two...

I know that black cats are of the feline breed but sharing a home with one for 9 years now, I am certain that they are their own category of feline!

So, when it was time for me to create a fall project for my class here at ROotie, how could I resist not doing a black cat...on a pumpkin! That is when inka tinka came on to the scene...
and yes..that is why I choose this fabric of the month too! ;)

She had to be of the blackest velvet I could find...sparkling wide eyes, a bit of mischief in her whiskers, pretty bow, and of course with heart.

Also taken into consideration with my design was the flavor of the Asian aesthetics of clean and simple lines...and taken from the Japanese culture that bit of the wide spread eyes and simple body stance and we can't forget a pumpkin!!

 Some details:

vintage velvet leaf
hand-dyed wool felt 
for pumpkin

shiny sequin eye
with glass bead

pretty sparkle edged bow
peacock feather whiskers

 heart of hand-dyed velvet

So all in matter how our little ones express themselves, 
may it be so sweet and the next moment hisssssss...
but isn't that what makes them so dear in our hearts?

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