Friday, October 29, 2010

A Mermaid's Day

"Uncle" Mark and  me, "Auntie" Leslie went to breakfast with our dear little Frances and Mama and Papa. It was a looong wait for our table but worth the wait when Uncle Mark order the upside down pineapple pancake as our appetizer! That took the edge off of our hungry tummies.

and what breakfast be without your own blow-up princess crown...

It was a fun and sunny day and Mark and I thought it would be nice to take Frances to get her Halloween Costume...ok we did go to Costco but the selection was fabulous! Now the problem was so many many frilly pretty costumes from which to choose! We thought Frances would love the princess costume with the wide turling that wasn't the one....of course anything fairy would be good...but I know that she has a plethora of fairy items- what 4 year old that is a girlie girl wouldn't??

So then there it was the Mermaid costume! Perfect!! And we were off to look at all the other things Costco has to offer...did you know that even Santa has his own (pre-view) aisles of toys for children to look at and write down what they would like?? Whew- got out of that one!

A little tired but I sure look pretty!

Home at last and what a day of pancakes, visiting, and the decision of being a mermaid..

...time for a rest!

Tink and Frances ready for Halloween!

Have a Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Yeah- don't forget about me...
this is my favorite holiday!

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