Friday, November 5, 2010

Pixie Tea Time

In the best of times, to be a full time artist can be challenging to make ends meet. And that is why I feel so fortunate that I able to be a doll artist and have the fantastic support of my husband, students, friends, and people who collect my work...and yes even my little kitty, who some days loves to come to the studio with me and sits by the door in the sun.

So to take that gratitude and share it with pass that love important to me.

Every year the Salvation Army holds a Doll Tea here locally, all the proceeds to children in need clothing them from inner to warm outer wear.

Tea...hummm, I thought, why not use the little Pixies we all made in class and they can be together at Tea Time!! Here are some photos from the display...I think they are all so adorable!

Needed a sign that is set up above the back drop...
All our little Pixies enjoying each other's company and a spot of tea...
I even made little tea bags filled with Pixie Dust, Flower Blooms, Star Light, and Fairie's Delight...

On a side note- the green teapot in the back is one I gave to my Mom many many years ago and now it had come to my home- so just a special memory!
 Close up of wee Pixies...
And what would a tea party be without petite fours??
 Hope you enjoyed them!


  1. The exhibit is just beautiful... darling dolls!

    Julie Mc

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Pixies- are they going to be a pattern?


  3. They are darling!

  4. What a wonderful reason to share your dolls.
    Judy D.


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