Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh kitty....

Most of you know or at least know of my kitty Issy- that is Isabella Sunshine Conchita Little Havana Brown Molen- and most of you who have had the "privledge" of meeting her you know she is every bit of that long name!!

Mark and I adopted Issy from our local pet shelter 9 years ago. We are pretty sure her Mama was a feral kitty because Issy has some...well...shall we call it...very unique personality traits. In other words Issy likes Mommy and Daddy and that is just about it.

So when I believed that she might possibly have a urinary tract infection (uti), I was very nervous about taking her to the vet. A little more background...when she was a little kitty and being the dutiful parent that I am, I took her to the vet for her vaccines (she is an indoor kitty) and she almost died from these vaccines- very scary...for us all! 

Time has passed and we have a new vet- they are aware and ready for in we went and basically she had to be sedated for her exam and urine draw- we had a blood draw at the same time. We really like our vet- Dr. Madi

After all this, Issy did not have a uti, but something called FlutD...feline lower unrinary tract disease.
Which basically has all the charactertics of a Issy case, mostly caused from stress. Her symptoms were peeing in the tub and on the tile by our shower. Also being just more aggressive than usual just wanting to play.
Our vet suggested that we could put her on an anti-depressant...hummm. I am not quite went up the street to the Whole Cat,  more homepathic remedies- they suggested tinkle tonic and it has worked out fantastic. We also have her on Bachs flower essences special mixture for calming and feeling secure. And something that we have in our house always is the Feliway air fermones. 
I think my little munchkin also was getting very lonely since both Mark and I work long days. I have been bringing Issy to my studio just about everyday- she is much happier and so is Mommy! 
You know they say in a household happy wife- happy husband- well we can certainly add to that happy kitty-happy Mama- happy Daddy!!
You may think- geez- all this for a cat...but I feel blessed that I can have her in my life- for she brings me such happiness and comfort too! 
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