Friday, March 4, 2011

Strawberry Shortcake

No...not the actual cake but the doll- Strawberry Shortcake!
ok yes, you all know that I love sweet- but not too sugary...
This sweet doll group was a little after my time of actually "playing" with dolls. But they still speak to me in their darling way...

I believe my collecting started when I happened upon a Strawberry Shortcake at an antique mall while looking for something else...there she was in the case no hat no shoes no lonely...and yes, I did get her....and then the hat, shoes, and finally her pet...
Strawberry Shortcake w/ Custard the Cat
...and then you know how that goes...ebay...other antique malls...searching...searching...and now I love my little collection that sits on my top shelf above my computer desk area...all sweetly smiling down at me spreading their sunshine with their happy little faces...just nice.

My dolls in my little collection (to date):
Orange Blossom w/Marmalade Butterfly
Blueberry Muffin w/ Cheesecake Mouse
Raspberry Tart w/ Rhubarb Monkey
Lemon Meringue w/ Frappe Frog
Crepe Suzette w/ Eclair Poodle
Lime Chiffon w/ Parfait Parrot
Almond Tea w/ Marza Panda
Lem and Aida w/ Sugarwoffer

I had to pull out my collectibles book to reference the names of these precious little ones...and came across my list of the ones I wanted to collect...and believe it or not- there where still names on my list! Hummm....ebay here I come- 
we need more friends!!

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