Friday, March 18, 2011

John C Campbell

You know something really touches you when it stays with you even after you have been home for always this is the case of the magical experience I have when I visit John C Campbell Folk School in Brasstown NC...yes magical.

I find the trip there long but that drudgery of the hustle bustle of the airport and catching the shuttle in time fades as I stepped into my cozy room at the Farm House. Quiet and charming...peace at last.
My space where my class is held is in the quilting studio- talk about space, I bet I could fit 20 students in there comfortably, and large windows to overlook special views.

View from window overlooking the Barn
Fluffy cardinal branched during the rain

Morning comes and my walk down the wooded path to the Dining Hall is wondrous. It is one of my favorite things about the school- the paths. As I walk, this time if the year I find textures everywhere- very moist and very un-like my mile high dry climate.

Wooded path from Farm House to Dining Hall

Mossy tree
Mossy stream

I find the time my students and I have together very special, for the time. We have the time to talk, to create, to learn from start to finish- all those little tricks I can show them, time to enjoy the nature around us, time to eat- yes great food, and time for music and much laughter. 

Yes indeed ~Magical...

more photos to come to ROotie News first part of April!!

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