Friday, March 25, 2011

Little 40's Rag Doll

My friend, Barb, brought in this little wool rag doll to share with me.
Her question was about replacing the clothing because being old and being wool there were some moth holes in it. 
I have seen this pattern before, it was a well used pattern of the 40' fact I have a doll that is a larger version of this one but made of cotton fabric. The design of the pattern was quite popular and many makers design their dolls with this basic body-type.

My take on vintage or antique pieces is to keep them as original as possible. Once you replace or even mend it, the value lessens. Sometimes, the value is not the issue and restoring it to stabilize it may take precedence for it to remain a precious keepsake.

For this little doll I thought it was in excellent condition and the moth holes, I believe, just added to the charm of the doll.
close up of face
notice the eyes and mouth 
+ stitching is all intact
 Little Flower embroidered on dress
 Little purse- 
notice the precious hand-sewn stitches

 Boot-nice detail with different colored sole!
Who ever Edith and Priscilla were, 
they had good design and nice color sense 

These dolls mostly made by home sewers are still available  and I find, charming. The style and quality varies depending of the skill of the maker...but isn't that what dollmaking is all about?

If interested you can search for vintage cloth doll on ebay or other search engines, you will probably find another doll that drags you away and into another is all interesting!

The 40's rag doll patterns are also still available and come in many different sizes. One company that keeps popping up in my search is Laura Wheeler and here again...much to find and pull you in another direction!

 If you are adventurous and would like to make your own here are some links for patterns:

Free pattern and directions from: HawkCrossing

More vintage patterns from
If you decide to find a pattern and make - let us know!!
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