Friday, April 1, 2011


There are some things you learn best in calm, 
and some in storm.
Willa Cather

If you are out there living life and in the big flowing stream, life will always hand us lessons to be learned. My Dad recently was diagnosed with lung cancer. The good news is that after his surgery they got it all and his prognosis is very good...He has been a trooper and has had a great positive attitude, it will be a long recovery but he will recover and get back out on his beloved bike.
This past week (or 2) I have found lessons raining down (ok pounding down) on me! My reply was ok ok- enough already...I don't have time or patience for this...
and even worse I forgot my umbrella!
When entering into this deluge, I never thought about others...under stress. It is a time when some have their best come out and some have their worst come out.
And that is when you realize that it is time and patience you you can learn your lesson(s). 
Water can be the giver of life but uncontrolled it can do great damage. It can seep into areas that you are not aware of and do harm.
I know one of my best (or worst-depends on who you ask) traits is that I am a lot like a border collie- hearding people. So I took that and used it to organize the people I knew could help guide the flood waters.

So as of today...things seem to be more managed.

My lessons learned was that ask for help from those you know will follow through, give exact tasks to those who need guidance, and above all be thankful...
that your loved one made it through...whew!
you had the skills to prevent a complicated situation from happening...
you had the people come to help...
and most of all to your ever supportive husband oxoxoxox!

SOooo- next time life rains down...
I will remember these things... and bring my umbrella! 

After every storm the sun will smile; 
for every problem there is a solution, 
and the soul's indefeasible duty is to be of good cheer.
William R. Alger

UPDATE: My Dad is home now from the hospital. As we have been talking we both realized that his riding his bike is what saved his life. "They" say how important exercise is...and this is a point were it is proven!
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