Friday, July 15, 2011

Chun Woo ~ Spring Rain

Many of you have seen or taken Ling Li Hua (Delicate Pearl Blossom). She was designed for my classes after many commented on my Gallery Pieces- Charm Girls -Story Girls.

Ling Li

Now, I would like to introduce Chun Woo (Spring Rain-Gift from Above)! She is Ling Li's sister. I loved making her and am excited to be teaching this class in October at Piecemakers in CA email here for class info... AND along with your choice of Chun Woo or you can make Ling Li  plus their Chinese Carrying Case*!!

Chun Woo
Costume of Vintage silks, 
with new satin, cotton, linen and brocade silk

Needlesculpted face with glass eyes inset
Fine cotton overlay
 Close Ups:
Chun Woo's pocket (bag)
 with rain droplets 

Chun Woo's Raindrop Hat

Chun Woo's Silk Pants
with cotton cuff, linen slippers

Ling Li with Chun Woo
Chinese Carrying Case

Next week, the Chinese Carrying Case!

*If you miss this upcoming class in CA, I am having Ling Li~ Chun Woo + Carrying Case here at ROotie in August 2012. email here for info at ROotie- sorry no pattern available-yet!

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