Friday, July 8, 2011


On the 4th of July, my dear husband said her would go to the antique mall with me- but only for a couple of hours! Happy with we went on a sunny and very warm day.
I found her after skimming through rows and rows...on a shelf with many, many other dolls...sitting there quietly, patiently for me to spot her. And I did in a heartbeat and pulled her off the shelf into my waiting arms... I was thrilled!!

After drifting through the rest of the booths, looking for maybe another Bradley-type doll...I came across this little dress..
And then a thought came to me!! Who says I HAVE to have a collection (three or more)...well ok- maybe later on...but in the mean time, I think I will fix her up and make her pretty little dresses.

If you collect and want to re-sell...then you don't want to disrupt the condition of the doll by changing anything...but the monetary value of this doll is not that great- I got her and the dress for $12 with my 4th of July savings of 15% off! What a find!!! the heart value is a whole other thing, it is, as they say, priceless and think of all the fun this will be!

So her name...Mimi...Kimi...Lili....Lily!! That's it!
Lily is of Latin origin. Flower name: the lily is a symbol of innocence and purity as well as beauty. 

So I must stop dreaming for the moment of Lily's dresses and what could be...I have my dolls for classes and NIADA to make...

...and for now, Lily, will sit quietly and patiently on my shelf and together we will dream of what is to come!!

Reference for Lily's 1960-style dresses:
Can't you see it!?!?!?

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