Thursday, September 22, 2011

Missoni-Redo: Part 1

Missoni..oh the fervor...

I headed out with my Peep, Kathy, to Target on the the day (Sept 13th)...needless to say we missed it- ok- by two hours. But not to be discouraged, I said to Peep, this is just a challenge to use our imaginations!

Rapidly we jaunted over to the lingerie section and quickly plucked up a nightgown and a night top...close enough to wear as a dress and a shirt with a t-shirt underneath! 

Quick...ran over to the other departments and picked up odd pieces...when the going gets tough- we use our creative skills and expand our thinking...instead of it being the finished product it is- think of it as fabric... reuse-redesign. Over the next month or two I will be sharing what I did with these odd pieces to create something usable for us!

The Child's Little Dress:

Here it is in a size small- the only one
found it on a random shelf

Reuse the fabric to redesign as pillows!
Needed complimentary fabric for the sides and back.
Here is what I found- a wool with flower print.
It also has a weave of a paisley interspursed throughout. 

Also liked this above fabric because it continues 
with the circle design in the dining room rug.

Next cut the little dress into usable pieces.

Trim off the sides seams.

Pieces about ready to be sewn.
Decided to cut off the brown border...

Measured the pillow size for the backing
Marked the additional side piece for the front 
(adding 1/2" for seam allowance)
Finished and ready for action!!

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