Friday, September 16, 2011

School Days

Do you remember your first day of school? I do- kindergarten and Mrs. McCarrot- yes- really that was her name...young and sweet and had a glorious head of strawberry blonde hair that she wore in a bun!
I remember her sitting at the front of the classroom and all of us children sitting in a semi circle around her cross-legged on the floor. She read to us from a huge Dick and Jane book! I LOVED Dick and Jane...
So now time has passed...and it is Frances' time to go to school. I was fortunate enough to visit Frances' new school as the proud Auntie!!

A Place for Everything
Outside the Classroom

Entry to Frances' Classroom

Bright and Cheery Classroom
so much to see and do!

Helpers of the Day!

The all important-Playground

School Courtyard Statue

Off to lunch wearing Auntie Leslie's sunglasses
and showing here new little HK plaid pouch!
Frances' is one stylin' young lady!!
(btw- where did she learn to pose like that??)

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