Friday, September 16, 2011

School Days

Do you remember your first day of school? I do- kindergarten and Mrs. McCarrot- yes- really that was her name...young and sweet and had a glorious head of strawberry blonde hair that she wore in a bun!
I remember her sitting at the front of the classroom and all of us children sitting in a semi circle around her cross-legged on the floor. She read to us from a huge Dick and Jane book! I LOVED Dick and Jane...
So now time has passed...and it is Frances' time to go to school. I was fortunate enough to visit Frances' new school as the proud Auntie!!

A Place for Everything
Outside the Classroom

Entry to Frances' Classroom

Bright and Cheery Classroom
so much to see and do!

Helpers of the Day!

The all important-Playground

School Courtyard Statue

Off to lunch wearing Auntie Leslie's sunglasses
and showing here new little HK plaid pouch!
Frances' is one stylin' young lady!!
(btw- where did she learn to pose like that??)


  1. Adorable with an attitude! LOL What are the ruffly things around the tops of her socks?

  2. Aren't the socks too cute! I think they are just an added bonus of plaid!

  3. Love the enthusiasm and the confidence! What a cutie!

  4. Frances is a FAIRY CHILD!!!! What a blessing to have that beauitful face and grin in your life!
    Pat G.
    (Not sure I am doing this correctly, so I hope the post goes through!)


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