Friday, September 9, 2011

to paint or not to paint...

We re-painted the entire inside of our house a couple of years ago...and when I choose paint, it takes me time to see what the color will do in different light. SO I get my samples, choose the colors I like and set them in each room to see  how they look at different times of the day. We have large windows and Denver is very sunny, so the light can change dramatically throughout the day. 

Another consideration is that our house floor plan is open, so all colors need to compliment one another. Here is what I chose a couple years ago and had all the areas painted in these colors...

So 2 years later I love all the colors...except just maybe...the kitchen color that wraps one wall into the dining goes fabulously with my diningroom rug and the kitchen has black granite and birch cabinets. But the orange (topaz) is starting to wear on me a bit...I am thinking of re-painting but can't find another color that speaks to me.

Option 1:
Re-paint my kitchen..when I find another color I love!

Option 2:
So now I look at cabinets, and you know when you start thinking about it...all these like-things start to come your way! My friend Julie and I were emailing and she mentioned painting her hairdresser, Lisa- the same thing!! Lisa told be of this product by Rust'Oleum. WOW!! the transformations are incredible! Not so sure my husband would be up for me painting our cabinets- sticking this one on the back burner.
 ok- they did do a bit more than just painting the cabinets...

Option 3:
Back-splash. This could be it...although I don't want to do tile...something different. The other night Mark and I were out with friends at a new (hip) restaurant- Linger...I was looking around and they had these dividers for the service area. I didn't get up to look at them closley but from a distance I thought they were great- They seemed to be a scene of Mexico, Spain, Italy...somewhat watercolor-like 
and painted or printed on either glass or mat plexiglass...

So who knows what I will come  up with...maybe a bit of Option 1 and 3...but it is nice to lay it all out and share it with you!

UPDATE: Color possibilities! Not sure where to get this brands of paint..but sure like the colors!
Grey- the new blue...


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  1. I am such a sucker for white cabinets! Especially the vintage looking/french country/shabby chic type of look. We're thinking of getting just basic cabinets installed and redoing them ourselves to our liking. :-) That kitchen remodel looks AHHHMAZING!


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