Friday, September 2, 2011

4 dolls

I have found that I like to put myself out there- challenge myself- it inspires great growth...and that can be a gift...and if it comes from the heart, everything will be ok...your care and love will shine though.

This past year, planning and chairing the NIADA Conference was just that...a great challenge. And with that great challenge came an unexpected gift of vintage Chinese dolls from the other NIADA Artists as a thank you. Whoa- I just can't imagine a better sweeter gift...

ok, so I know a bit about vintage pieces, having collected them for guess was Chinese...the ones on the left older- maybe 40's...the ones on the right 50's. I knew they were souvenir I set out to find info about them to share with you.

Road block...nothing really (hummm I thought everything was on the Internet!!). Then, I remembered a shop we have here in Denver, Turn of the Century Antiques! Not far from my studio and if I remember correctly they have dolls. 

Packed up my little ones and off I went...did I say dolls?? Oh man...I meant heaven...they have vintage and antique dolls of wonderful quality.

I unpacked my little dolls and Sally helped me...not too much more information but a kindred spirit of Asian (Japanese to be precise) dolls. She said my little ones where older- 20's-30's for the ones of the left and probably 40's for the ones on the right. The older ones where made in China while the right ones where made in Japan- makes sense to me because of the time period of Japanese imports at that time.

But what was so fabulous was the sharing of her cloth Japanese dolls, did I say I was drooling by that time?? She showed me the Japanese dolls that she has for sale...1800 to 1940's Friendship dolls (see my posting here). With every adventure comes a renewal...more information to be a better doll artist!

I decided that these dolls needed a little tender loving care. (*Side note: when restoring- check the value of your doll carefully, I would not refinish body or mend/change clothing on any doll of great value.) Since these dolls will probably be with me for the rest of my life and only of tremendous value to me personally, I did restore them- a bit...

 gently removed some of the clothing
notice the little squeaker box on his tummy!
 carefully re-strung...
 My new little ones- 
*touched up the chipped paint faces, shoes, 
re-braided hair, mended clothing.

I just love them so and am going to have my wood-guy, Gary, make little bench for them to sit upon. I will hang them in my house and just delight in the meaning of friendship in which they were given!!

Who knew when I was presented with these dolls that I would have so much fun trying to find their history that I would happen upon another person with the same great love of Asian pieces!  

AND if you know any more about these dolls, 
I would love to hear from you!

A drop of water shall be
returned with a burst of spring

Chinese Proverb

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