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Baking for the Troops

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Baking for the Troops...
My friend, Kathy, saw in the local paper an event for Baking for the here
 Grounded in a philosophy that every member of the US Military deserves a homemade care package of baked goods as a reminder of our love, support, and appreciation for their commitment to our country, Baking for the Troops was established in 2009 in Denver, Colorado, by a dedicated civilian with a deep love and respect for the members of America's armed forces...
Our efforts are especially aimed at members of our armed forces who don't have dedicated friends and family at home to send them care packages.  That's where Baking for the Troops comes in, as a second family to crank up the ovens and fill the gap so every service member has a taste of home during their deployment...   
So, we decided to participate in this event...on the first snowy night of the season, Kathy and I headed out to the location and walked into a very nice building that was donated for the evening.
CADA Building
The smell of brownies wafting from the kitchen put us in the mood to put on our (cute) aprons and lend a helping hand. The CADA Building has a full large kitchen and another large area that Baking for the Troops had all the supplies needed to send brownies neatly wrapped,  bowed, and with a hand-written thank you card placed into a postage box and off to a well deserved person in the service.

Kathy and I both realize how fortunate we are in our lives and feel it is a wonderful thing to give back in some way...and giving back to our troops is one fabulous way!

Melissa started this project in 1999 and has been very successful!!
Even though it was a snowy night, she had a nice turn out, we met new people and enjoyed our experience.
Brownies ready to be cut and packaged

Dishing up the brownies! YUM YUM!
Melissa has this down to a science, so the brownies are wrapped still a bit warm and arrive fresh and moist- imagine what a treat this would be!
Brownies wrapped with personalized card ready to be put into the shipping box

We may not all be able to participate in an event like this but it does at least give you a moment to be thankful for what you have.

Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, 
for it acknowledges the presence of good 
wherever you shine the light of your thankful thoughts.
Alan Cohen 

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