Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall around ROotie

As I was driving to work, I was thinking about what to write about in this weeks blog...lost in thought...I "opened" my eyes and noticed all the beautiful colors around me...fall.
Up the street from ROotie
Looking up into the tree
Looking Down at the fallen leaves to Spring, I love fall- the colors, the food- pumpkin soup! recipe here

It is the time to gather for winter...gather as in projects to do nest. Sounds like it is time for a little wool needlefelting from my new Japanese Book! more info here
Japanese Mascot Collection ISBN 978-4-309-28168-1
Hummm- off dreaming about felting...back to around ROotie

Three Pumpkins

Beautiful plum-colored leaves within gold

Shadow cast from red leaves

Ha! not Issy, but could this of been any better of a set-up? The world works it's magic!
Cute yellow house under a golden tree

In the school yard, fall leaves shading the planets!
So is here, we all get so busy pushing through our days, we are so focused on the next thing (I am SO guilty of that)...take one moment today and notice one thing from nature...all of a sudden you will notice how many of your chosen thing is around...I could of taken photos of fall leaves all day!!
Just a reminder to STOP and observe...and another reminder of Mexico-
you all know how I love to go to Mexico!!

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