Friday, October 14, 2011

New Books from Japan!

While I was away in CA teaching, my dearest friend Dorice took me to a Japanese Book you all know how much I love love...ok...LOVE Japanese craft books. This was such a special treat for me. This store Kinokuniya Bookstore was jammed pack full of Japanese items, books, and magazines!! Yes- over whelming as I stood in front of thousands and thousands of craft books!! 

I have also found they have an online shop (link here) have patience...there is a button for English and it will take some searching but well worth it if you are into this kind of thing!! Also by this site offers these books at approximately a $10 savings!

I have more links below for information and one of my favorite sellers on e-bay and etsy.

Here are the books I purchased:
Stylish Dress Book
Dress Pattern from Stylish Dress Book
Inset from Stylish Dress Book
Dress Pattern from Stylish Dress Book
Another Book: Stylish Dress Book
Jacket Pattern from Stylish Dress Book
Skirt Pattern from Stylish Dress Book

Simply Chic

Blouse Pattern from Simply Chic
Dress Pattern from Simply Chic
Many of you know the very cuteness of Japanese Crafts.
Here is a book I purchased in needle felting little animals! 

Mascot Collection
page from Mascot Collection

finger puppets from Mascot Collection-YIKES could this be any cuter!!

as promised...LINKS!!
Pomadour24 Cafe : great etsy store, I have ordered many books from Megumi!
SimplyPrettyJapaneseBeadsBooks : her store on ebay.
Crafting Japanese : Great site for research or ideas of Craft Books
Kinokuniya BookWEB Store :  My NEW favorite Store!!

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