Friday, October 7, 2011

Teaching Ling Li and Chun Woo

Away teaching this week at Piecemakers in CA!!
I can't beleive I have been going there for over 15 years now...WOW!

We will be creating Ling Li or Chun Woo and a Chinese Carrying Case!
Chun Woo and her sister Ling Li
Chinese silk brocade with handmade pouch and tassles
Chinese carrying case open- lined with silk brocade and tufted cushion


  1. Lovely. Which we had some classes here in KY. I am envious of all those who are able to take classes for talented teachers, such as you.

  2. Enjoyed this class so much and learned tons of good things. Thanks Leslie for sharing your knowledge, talent and patience with us. You really are an outstanding teacher.
    Can't wait for next time!!

    Lynda M.


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