Thursday, November 10, 2011

Giving Back

As many of you have seen through the years, I join in with many volunteers, to give back through the Salvation Army Doll Tea. 

My part may be small, showing my wonderful students and my dolls, but the cause is enormous! The funds raised from the Festival help the Dress A Child program that gives more than 200 at-risk children a back-to-school shopping spree for new clothes and shoes. For some children, it is the first time they have brand-new clothes.

Me and the Dolls!
As I walk in to set up my exhibit, I cross through many rooms...the merchant mall with oodles and oodles of good old fashioned hand-made items, re-dressed dolls at a good price (so everyone can go home with something), and of course those baked goods...might as well start the season off with some cookies! I meander through the gigantic set up of the trains and into the exhibit area... I have my place ready and set everything up!

Back row: Folk Santa Middle Row: Etta Front Row: Twinkle Bright

This year I added a display in remembrance:

Our Cowgirls- Boudoir Style

My hope is that I bring a smile to someone as they view our dolls and knowing that not matter how small our part, we have given a piece of our love of dollmaking to help a child in need.

photo collage from Salvation Army

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