Friday, November 18, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Ha! Of the course the week that I am finishing a commission piece and preparing for my once a year Surprise Holiday Doll Class...I had major computer issues!!

But thanks to my wonderful and most heroic husband, my computer is back up and running...only glitch is I did not have time to write my blog this week...
so please stay tuned for next week when I am back and in full running mode!!


  1. OH HOW FUNNY!! But I think you may have missed your darlings intent. She is keeping the keys warm for you and will write your blog when she wakes up say at 3am. Snicker

    Vicki Petticord

  2. My last computer crash wasn't nearly as cute . . . or as fuzzy as yours. How intensely adorable!

  3. I have two and they cantype too


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