Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year Thoughts...

It is the time of year when you may turn thoughts towards making changes, of setting new goals, and looking forward to positive possibilities waiting in the coming new year. 

There are those who trivialize this by going down the common lists of "New Year's Resolutions"; always made but seldom realized in past years. I believe its important to always strive toward something better and a new year is just the right time to do it! 

I find, for me, that instead of making a list of things that need "correcting" (like that ever present pounds that I would like to loose, yes, exercise more etc), I choose to a word that I will help me strive to be an all over better person. 

So this next years word is going to be Kobayashi Maru...ok I can hear you now- what the heck does that mean??  In a sense it means: A no-win situation caused by a set of rules that can only be won by changing the rules.

...and yes, it IS a term from Star Trek but still it can apply to life (in the real world). But basically, I believe that is means to think out side the box..get creative!! So we will see where this word takes us this year...and yes, I do have some things up my sleeve where this will apply.
Happiest and Brightest New Year to You All!
and realize your star is in may just have to change the rules to get there!

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