Friday, March 9, 2012

Hankie Couture

BTW- this has been on my computer as the desktop background for the last week...thought it was so delicate...and leads nicely into this weeks subject.

OoooOOh...ok..I AM a sucker for pretty vintage hankies and yes, do have enough to last me the rest of my life...and I do most always have one in my purse.
So, when my friend, Irene, handed me this book on Hankie Couture...initially I thought it may be a little 
But as I opened it and started to look at it, I found it to be charming, sweet and tastefully done! In fact inspiring enough to do something with it. 

It reminded me of the fashions of the fifties- just pretty...and I like pretty!

You will find a selection of wonderful colorful photographs and patterns with easy to follow instructions (I have only just glanced at the instructions and have years of sewing behind me) but the pattern pieces themselves look right on target!

So if you take these creations and use your minds eye in more of the fashion design quality, you will be pleasantly surprised! Can't you see it?!?
Christian Dior- Spring 2012

And what girl (doll) would not love to have these garments in her closet!??

 With further investigation- holy smokes!...I found a whole lotta things going on with this Hankie Couture thing...check it out- and even it's own doll... it is a life style...

 Yes, charming and sweet! And you have to admit, in today's crazy hectic world- isn't it nice even for a moment to have a little pretty?!?!
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