Friday, April 6, 2012

Bunny Pincushion Give-Away!

Hello All-
In celebration of my of my birthday month-April and of Spring
I will be hosting a Lucky Rabbit Pincushion Give-away*!
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Comment below telling me why you like bunnies, rabbits, hares...
why you like sewing, fabric, creating...why you like anything!!
 From these Hands ~Bunny Pincushion Give-Away
blog postings only from April 6th - May 4th 2012. 
 Comments must be posted by midnight MST Friday May 4th.

One lucky winner will be drawn at random 
 and announced on Friday's from these hands blog 
May 11th 2012! 
You will be notified in the blog
and instructions for receiving your prize will be be posted!

* Because of shipping cost the bunny can be 
shipped within the US and Canada only.


Good Luck and Happy Posting!


  1. Oh my that is soooo cute.. We have a real bunny as a pet.. LOVE them sooo much, Thanks for such fun giveaway!!

  2. From your hands to mine - hopefully! The bunny is sooo cute!

  3. I think I like bunnies because they remind me of innocence and the magic of seeing one. Every year I know it's really spring when I have my first bunny sighting!

  4. Leslie that is so darn adorable!!! Let's see...I can't really even say the word bunny around my house or else my three Scotties will get all out of sorts thinking there are a few of them out in the backyard waiting to be chased (I'm sure the bunnies hate it, but the Scotties do love a good run & bark).

  5. Love it! My birthday is also in April so I love all things Spring!!!

  6. Once upon a time, I had a hutch FULL of angora rabbits. Two in particular were my babies - Finn and Maggie, who were sibling Satin Angoras. They would come when called and would do ANYTHING for a papaya tablet! Unfortunatly, we were paid a visit by Hurricane Ike which not only damaged our house, but wiped out my bunny hutch. I am still not over losing my babies and cannot bring myself to bring others into my life. I still miss them!

  7. When my brother was a baby, my grandparents always gave him a new stuffed bunny on Easter. I am 10 years older than my brother, but I had as much fun as he did when he got his new bunny!

    Oh, and I always have loved Thumper!

  8. The bunny pincushion is positively darling! You really do bring such joy to everything you do. Even the little detail of the heart-shaped cottonball tail...just love it! Happy Spring! Happy Easter! Happy Birthday! Happy sewing, everyone!

  9. My first encounter with bunnies was through the book The Velveteen Rabbit which I read as a child, I have loved bunnies ever since! I love sewing as a creative outlet as well as a useful one since I make my own clothing and occasionally sell things I've made to generate funds to purchase more fabric, beads, patterns and such! Would love to win this sweet little bunni!

  10. Beautiful Comments Everyone!
    I just LOVE it!!

  11. Bunnies are fluffy and cute .. they wiggles there little noses ..
    and i love creating and sewing .. cause for the most part .. i get to do what i want .. freedom ..
    thanks for sharing the cute creations .. hugs

  12. Hi Leslie, When I was a little girl, I had a black and white tuxedo kittie and a white bunny who were friends. They used to snuggle together and play in the yard together. I've always loved bunnies. They're so soft and lovable.

  13. Leslie,

    I have been in a couple of your classes at the Folk School with my dear friend Kathy Houser. I don't know if you heard she lost her couragious battle with cancer in February. I was with her and I will so miss her. I have been busy putting together some of her work for her family.

    She was indeed my muse. AS I spoke at her service I told her friends and family that I can't wait to get to heaven to see what she has created.

    I am dedicating my doll work to her now and I have a new name for my art "My muse and me". I am so blessed to have called her my friend.

    Anne Duncan

  14. Dear Anne,
    Yes- I so remember you and Kathy. I am so sorry to hear of Kathy's passing- she was one in a million and it is so wonderful to hear that you are continuing her wonderful spirit with your doll work- what a blessed thing to do!

  15. I love the bunny pincushion and would place it in a prominent place in my home! It reminds me of Leslie and the fun times I have had making some of her dolls. Bunnies are especially appropriate because this is Easter time!

  16. First of all I love your blog - you have the most happy and interesting subjects and pictures! I do all kinds of needlework and LOVE pincushions of all kinds! Bunnies and Kittens are so sweet and soft and remind me of the vulnerable side of life on this beautiful planet. Your art always evokes this feeling so that is why you are one of my favorite artists. Your Rabbit dolls are some of my favorites ever, Thanks for it all! Mary Jean in Florida

  17. I LOVE your bunny pincushions! They have been wonderful gifts for my friends and I would love to have one of my own.

  18. What a cute pincushion:) We used to have a pet rabbit called Peter/Roger. He had two names because my sons couldn't agree what to call him. He lived to be 13. He was such a sweet little thing. I also love sewing and have been doing that all my life. I specially love making felt mice and cloth dolls. I also dabble in other crafts...anything and everything:)

  19. The Bunny Pin Cushion is adorable! I love bunnies because of their cute tails and innocent looking eyes. We owned a cute grey bunny when my daughter was younger.
    Mary from Seattle

  20. I love your bunnies - which is no surprise since I have also purchased one for myself. I also love pincushions. What a perfect combination .
    Marilyn, Denver


  22. I love bunnies, sewing, dollmaking,,and poems because they all make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

  23. I smile when I see your work.Your posting and blogs are my special time - busy taking care of older folks. Excited as making my own studio at Mother's. Creating is special for me- it's me. Thanks for being "you" we all enjoy it!Just wanted to express my thoughts!


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