Friday, March 30, 2012


I am not sure when my love of patchwork started..before or after I was at the sewing age of seven...I do know that I loved Holly Hobbie but not until I was a bit older...

Holly Hobby info link
I found the idea of taking scraps of well loved fabrics and re piecing them back together was creative and fun.. also making patchwork skirts from jeans...and then embroidering them as much as possible!
Patchwork dates back 100's of years...
The early settlers to America were poor and could not replace essential possessions. Everything was repaired again and again and this was certainly true of the family quilts, which were patched up with scraps of fabric from old clothing. After many repairs, the quilt top began to resemble a patchwork design more than solid fabric. Much older pieces outside the US have been discovered one of them being a quilted funeral tent canopy was found in the tomb of Queen Esi-mem-kev of Egypt, who lived about 980 BC!
During the Victorian period, women found themselves with time and money..and crazy patchwork was all the rage- to the point of being frenetic!

 In the 60's and 70's was when the art of crafts had another re-birth and patchwork was again popular spreading into fun and functional items...

and here we are again today with the resurgence of the patchwork...

I would love to share with you some images of then and now!

eviegreenpixie link

squint limited-uk link

stella mcartney ad

welbeck tiles-uk


also check out coach bags
I love the way patchwork has evolved into a playful and whimsical art!

can't stand it and want more??
check out my pinterest patchwork board

Happy Patching!
hope this covers it...

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