Friday, March 23, 2012

Clothes Pins

clothes pins you ask!?...ok...they are one of those quirky but handy objects...I have always found clothes pins to be so much more than the things that hang on the clothes line...
so for starters...they really are the only thing you can hang your laundry in the sunny sunshine and have that smell of a summer breeze....
but step up the function and they can be pretty...
with fabric added

wrapped with embroidery floss

we can never forget the most darling clothes pin dolls!
link to clothes pin dolls
then when does it become fine art???
when someone takes in from function to form...
link to gerry stecca

and when does it become fashion??
when someone dares to create movement...
images from anthropologie windows

and when does it become a functioning art?
link to marie elizabeth

so next time you are out in the sunshine and you walk by a clothes line...
stop...just for a moment...
 and ask what will you become?
I will be FUN, GIANT 
and catch you by surprise!!!


  1. My grandmother didn't own a dryer and used a crank washing machine when I was a little girl. I loved how fresh my clothes and sheets smelled after being out on the line to dry.

    Today, at least in my neighborhood, clothes lines are prohibited. Sad.

    Love the GIANT clothes pin!

  2. Loved your clothespin post which brought to mind the Oldenburg Clothes pin in Philadelphia. It's positioned at the entrance to a rail/subway station, so I have often said "I get the train at the clothes pin!"

  3. Great images, especially love the clothespin waves in pastel colors.
    Check out this craftzine post about a Kissing Clothespin Wedding Cake Topper:

  4. Love the kissing clothespin...thank you Pam for sharing!!


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