Friday, April 27, 2012

The Long way Home...

Came back this past week from teaching Chun Woo to a fabulous doll group in Ohio- Thank You all for attending!!! Much more to come in May's ROotie News.

SOOooo...imagine getting off the plane, tired and just wanting to get home...waiting for your bags...first bag came no problem...waiting...waiting....another flight comes in....bags picked up...waiting...waiting...I was looking through my purse for my claim checks to go talk about a lost bag, when out of the corner of my eye I see francois/ fromage popping up over the ramp and onto the baggage carousel...stunned I watch him start his journey going around....pop....little blue bird pincushion....pop...pop...toskai and pretty petal pincushion...even the plastic bags that they were in came...
No happy bird. My heart sank.
Still no bag...(I was imagining all my dolls, patterns, supplies.., strewn from Akron to Denver. Another flight and more bags)...and then there it was my bag...unzipped!!!!!!!! Luckily the straps held in all my well packed dolls, so it seemed that just happy bird was the only one missing. My heart sank...

side note:
I think the thing that really got to me the most was when I dropped my bags off at the security TSA, I wanted to put a zip-tie on my bag handle...the "man" stated several times, not to worry ma'am we will take care of in the end the zip-tie was on the handle but the bag was un-zipped!!! What got to me is that as a private business I strive so hard to please my clients, do things right, and want only the best for them...obviously not the case here...TSA complaints?? you ask...yeah like I want to be on THAT list! Move on- girl...
ok...back in the airport...with my husband circling and trying to understand my "omgshhh- sob...Francois just popped up..." By this time I was more than peeved- you know those crazy people that talk to themselves- yes! you could count me in with that group! So I marched myself over to the Frontier desk...marched is stating it lightly. I was trying to stay calm and maintain my composure, when I was greeted by a very nice woman, Mahrukh. I told her of my dilemma and she wanted to know where I bought these little items, I told her that I made them and they were my samples and my heart was broken. She and I walked around the carousel...nothing. She took my name and number and I wrote a description and drew a picture...
Later that evening she called and had found happy bird! So lesson learned- listen to your gut..and for every stinkin' person out there, there are still more wonderful people out there!...have faith-girl.
Thank you Mahrukh- you made a bad situation end with a smile on my face!!

SOOoo..I decided to leave happy bird the way he will always hand us scraps and bumps but if we have just a little faith in others they will come through...and it will make a good story for years to come...
happy bird is home!

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  1. You're right! You do need a vacation! Francois needs one too.

  2. I used to work as a Customer Service Rep for a large company. I handled customer complaints:) I hope you take the time to call or write about the great service that you received from Mahrukh. I can't tell you how much it will mean to her. Her company my have monthly awards etc and it may make her eligible for one. Service industry reps get so much flack that it's nice when a customer goes out of their way to give good feedback. Just sayin':)

  3. Hi Mary Ann,
    I did just that- I while I was their I actually talked in person to her supervisor and told her how much it meant to me and how she went out of her way. I also talked with the same crew that was there my night I flew in and told them how much their service meant to me.
    Good deeds need to be praised!!

  4. Oh Lordie...that is awful, but at least you found a person who was kind & understood your worry.

    TSA does need to clean up their act when going through people's bags. At least treat what is inside with respect. I've arrived at destinations with everything all tumbled around & once they left a suntan lotion bottle cap loose & everything inside smelled like coconut (bad still has that slight odor). And then the time they pulled the lining from my bag lose & my medication got stuffed back in that hidden bag & I didn't notice it for three days NOT taking my medicine. Oh yes, I hate to fly & your post just reminds me of that.
    Happy bird has a booboo but that will make him more adorable to you as he was the prodigal bird come home to you.


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