Friday, May 11, 2012

and the winner is...

Who is it!?!?! 
WHO won the Lucky Rabbit Pincushion!?!!?

First, I printed out all the comments and then cut them into individual comments, folded them and put them in this cool jar (that is my sister-in-laws)...I thought it looked good with my apron  ;)

Drew the name...drum roll please....

And the lucky winner is Linda Sonia!!!

Yes YOU~ Linda ~You WON 
the Lucky Rabbit Pincushion is yours!

Big Congrats Linda Sonia!
Everyone give Linda a hand!!

Linda Sonia-All you have to do is email me here on this link 
with your mailing address and Lucky Rabbit will be on its way to you


  1. Hi Leslie,

    You are the best! Is that an apron you have on?? Do you have the pattern? I love the mustard color. Hope all is well.

  2. Hi Ute,
    Yes it is an apron- I love it..believe it or not I bought it- whoa...I got it a couple years ago at World Market (on sale). I wish I would of bought two.
    Thinking of drafting a pattern off of it!

  3. Adorable Lucky Rabbit arrived today and is even cuter in person.

    Thanks again for having this very generous giveaway. There is truly nothing better than the 'hand made'.

    I only wish I lived in Denver so I could attend a class or two or three... LOL. All the very best!



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