Friday, July 20, 2012

Steffie Strawberry

well...this summer has been jammed packed with family and friends!

I have had to put off a couple of the veg-head series dolls but have managed to enjoy making this one - Steffie Strawberry!

I loved making her and we will be having a class in a couple of weekends..will share those cute class photos later!
Here are some close ups!
wool felt head with needlesculpted nose- sprinkle of freckles!
Pretty Lace cap!
Leaves for a collar
Jointed arm and cute pocket!
Jointed knees for skipping
Hanging out with my pals at ROotie
Under this saying- how wonderful!

Interested in the pattern?
email me here


  1. I love each of the sweet details.

  2. I love Steffie. She is so adorable!! Can't wait to add her to my collection.


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