Friday, July 27, 2012

Life is Attitude

I am finding that this past month or so, there is something in the air, people seem to I can best describe it...dislodged...just off. We have seen an extreme heartbreaking example of it right here in Colorado. And I have noticed small examples that do not impact the world as such, but may impact one or two persons...not life threatening...but still cause their hearts to be disenchanted.
Everything’s not lost
theme song for this posting
 Instead by Madeleine Peyroux
I am finding it a conscious effort to stay grounded within my belief that life IS wonderful. Yes, I know, you do have to work for it to be that way. I find that it really all starts with attitude and sometimes I have to remind myself of that good attitude.
I have had a month or so of "dislogdement" and instead of fighting back, I decided to reach out to others and tell them about how grateful that I am they are in my life or gently point out the beauty they have in their was amazing how quickly the negative was displaced!

Simple, yes, but it works. I see that we are becoming a people of quickly judging others (because I didn't bring my own grocery bag to the store)...when instead we could enjoy that we both bought those peaches because they looked delicious! 

It is all in the attitude~ 
sharing what we have in common. 
Life IS beautiful!

Love always wins. 

Kindness always prevails.

And smiles always disarm.


mike dooley

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