Friday, August 10, 2012

Simone ~ Doll 6

SOoo... I was going to write about the wedding dress and creating a bustle...and the wonderful thing about writing your own blog you can change on an inspiration!

Simone...the 11 year old girl who comes to me every Wednesday morning to learn and create dolls. We have created 6 dolls far...
During this recent project Phoebe...I asked Simone if she would like to vary of of dolls for our next project. Her reply was no, she wanted to stay focused on dolls to become a very good dollmaker. YES! girl after my own heart!


So, Phoebe was the project she picked out...


We discussed changes she would like to make to Phone and one thing she wanted was to change to face to be more of a Japanese anime we looked up features of anime of the Internet to get an idea.
Next was the costuming...we landed on the Mori Girl look... I personally LOVE this look!

Mori Girl
Mori in Japanese means "forest" and a Mori Girl (森ガール) is a girl who looks like she lives amongst cedar and pine trees. She's part Little Red Ridinghood (although she prefers  blue,green or brown to bright red), part Marie Antoinette pastoral fantasy, part Alice in Wonderland.

So armed and ready, over the next weeks we created...sewing the body...painting  the face...drawing out quick sketches to alter the costuming!

The Doll

Body changes are: Face style
Costuming: A line dress with cap sleeve and bottoned straps, 
bloomers with ruffles, boots, lace

Here are close ups...
Face close up- free drawn and hand painted by Simone

Adding a bit of vintage lace at the bottom of the dress
Used metallic sequin black paint to add sparkle to the boots- can you see it??

It was a very fun project to do together... I can't wait to start our next project- Meow Meow Neko.

It will be an adventure to see where this talented young lady will go!
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