Friday, November 30, 2012

Doll #5- Little Red

The last of my NIADA dolls is returning back to the jointed doll as in Lotus. Her head is movable as are her elbows and knees.

I have always LOVED Story Book Story Book facination started with Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls. 

When Mark and I were on our honeymoon (24 years ago!) we traveled the northwest US and Canada. One of our stops brought us to a little town called Snohomish, WA. It was a quaint town with lovely antique shops. That is where I saw my first Nancy Ann Story Book a glass case in a bride's dress!...ok call me crazy...I didn't get her!! 

BUT a year later celebrating our first anniversary, Mark and I were back up in that part of the country and I went to the same store and she was still there!! Just a meant to be!
So I would say officially that this is where my obsession with Story Book Dolls began...and now over 90 Nancy Ann's later...I still love these sweet little dolls! you think this was a big hint to my sweet husband of where our life would take us?

Little Red
For my one of a kind Story Book Dolls,  I have created Snow White and Goldilocks...and how could I not have a Little Red with these Story Book series?

Body: Sculpted DAS stone clay head, head overlay and body of  silk crepe.
Body lining of cotton batiste. Wigging of mohair.
Wooden beads for jointing of head, arms and legs.
Costuming: Dress; Red silk dupioni, 
Cape; Linen lined with vintage Japanese kimono fabric. 
Slip: Creme silk with vintage lace.Boots; Black silk with red dupioni soles

Texture and Contrast
So of course, her ensemble needed to be in red! I find when working in monochromatic theme it is lovely to bring in texture and a hint of contrast. Instead of color creating interest, the various textures will read differently to the eye and bring in a depth into your color palette. The contrast will set up frames, so the viewer's eye will have somewhere to rest.

The cape being in linen (a hint of the Japanese vintage liner fabric showing- I always like to use a bit of Asian fabrics somewhere in my one of a kind dolls). The linen reads as nubby and flat. The dress is silk dupioni, still having a nub to it, but it has a bit of shine to it.
Side note: Notice the shape of the skirt mimics the shape of the cape!

If you refer back up above to the full picture of red, you will note that her skin tone is pale. 
Using the lace trim ties these two light values together and frames her costume. Also note the tiniest bit of red on the soles of the boots helps bring the viewer's eye downwards.

I love working in monochromatic themes, you can really focus in on the details!
Since there is red everywhere, your eye is captured in this quote that I printed on the base of the skirt. I stabilized the silk and ran it through my ink-jet printer. Yes, it did take me many trial and errors to master this technique! Hint- I started with cottons first to get a feel of what my printer would take.

Little Red could of been a blonde or red head, but I went with what my intuition was telling me, so she became a soft brunette with big brown eyes!

Little Red did need a wolf. And why not a pet wolf. He was created in a Japanese animal style- a bit of whimsy and cuteness. Wolf is made from bristle-y miniature mohair with a cute vintage ribbon bow-tie. I chose a soft brown for the wolf to bring in Red's hair.

I love these jointed dolls, but I guess I love all my dolls! 
I just love being a dollmaker and that I am able to share these moments with you!

What's Next???

Join me over the next couple of months for a series discussing lessons I learned while finding my own creative path...very appropriate for me now that I am re-directing my own energies with my dollmaking!

Finding Your Creative Path...
Lesson 1: Know when to fold 'em.
Lesson 2: Just do it!
Lesson 3: Be brave but not too serious!
Lesson 4: Find your market.
Lesson 5: Jump in!
Lesson 6: Stay true and be Teflon.
Lesson 7: Keep learning and give yourself time.
Lesson 8: Step out of your comfort zone.
Lesson 9: Keep a fresh eye.
Lesson 10: Be grateful and walk in sunshine.

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