Friday, December 7, 2012

Lessons 1, 2, 3 - Finding Your Creative Path

I am so very fortunate that I have been able to create dolls for collectors and for my dear students for the past 20 years.

I find that art and business is an ever evolving and changing process, I am at a time in my life/career when I am making changes in my own business to give me the personal time I need to focus in on these skills to express and explore my own personal art that my heart so wants...needs. 

During the next year 2013, I will more personally, delve into the stories and myths of Chinese and Spanish Colonial art and who knows what else I will find along the path! My wish is to bring to you my journey through the textile arts I will as I look back over these Lessons in Finding Your Creative Path that I wish to share with you, it is also an awaking for me!


Since changing my direction 20 years ago, there have been so many lessons learned and rewards earned. It’s my desire to share those lessons that helped me to recognize and walk away from a life-style that adversely affected my health and life. 

Lesson 1. Know when to fold ‘em: One morning, feeling completely stressed out about the job I had worked for too many years, my uppermost desire was to get there and get it over with. While reflecting, this thought popped to mind, “If I have an accident today, I won’t have to go to work.” That was twenty years ago and it defined my wake-up call.
So how did the transition occur from working in the dentistry field to doing the very thing that has always been in my heart and soul? And how do I keep it going?
Lesson 2. Just do it! There really was no game plan. Knowing of my complete dissatisfaction, my husband, Mark, posed the question, “What do you want to do?” The answer was to be an artist and work in fiber—cloth. At the time, doll makers were mostly hobbyists. With no mentors to turn to the 13 years I’d spent in dentistry management became the guide to a new career.
The adventure began with a visit to a former patient’s children’s clothing boutique. She welcomed me with, “Leslie, what are you doing these days?” After explaining about the dolls, she indicated interest so I asked, “What kind?” She said, “Funky rag dolls.” I assured her of my return in a week and hurried away with one thought, “Just do it! If you don’t start now, then when?” 

My first "professional" dolls 1992! 

Lesson 3.  Be brave but not too serious! A week later I returned with a wool rag doll and left with an order for 13! I loved those simply constructed little rag dolls and, looking back, still see that part of me--the love of cloth and working with my hands. Bravery reaps benefits!
My first series of wool rag dolls 1992! 
 expert from article from Doll Collector Sept 2012
editing: Barbara Campbell

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