Friday, March 8, 2013

1940's Doll Part 2

Continuing onward with creating this sweet 12" doll...

As I sewed and stuffed this little one, I needed to readjust some of the I always say Dollmaking is just creative problem solving!

I sewed the pieces together...

And stuffed them...hummm...I didn't like the way the two piece body turned neck and no hip jointing area...time for some creative problem solving!!

so as they say...back to the drawing board...
Pictured below two piece body-just not working.

Pictured below is the new three piece much better!
All the pieces are now needlesculpted...and on that note...another problem solving issue came into play. As I was needlesculpting the head, I was not getting enough stretch in the nose area. So I resewed the head using a light weight stabilizer in lieu of the woven cotton liner on the bias. So much better on this piece also!
Side note: I like the way needlesculpting gives more definition to the body pieces- even a wee belly button!

Here is the little face painted and ready!
I used acrylic craft paints, pencils, and chalks with triple glaze varnish.

Below is the body now jointed together 
front view and side view with covered buttons.

Added the head, so it can have movement also! 
Here is my little creation...almost ready for pick up. Just needing some hair and probably some kind of undies...I just will not be able to send her out into the world without something on!

Remember the inspiration image??
I feel that it is pretty close...

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