Friday, March 15, 2013

Private Students

Initially, I was a little worried about cutting my teaching schedule so drastically but I knew I just had to keep having that faith that my purpose was for good...and it has been good- for my health, my relationships with my husband, family, and friends...and believe it or not I have had plan to create!
I am so fortunate that the private lessons have been going so well, I am thankful. My present group of private lesson students are just incredible!

Today, I would love to share with you these wonderful project
from three of my students.
My fourth private student, Gena, will share with you later
what we are working together- an original design.


I love having Simone in my studio! She comes to me once a week and has evolved into such an exceptional dollmaker...she brings free-thinking creativity, play, and joy into her lessons. We have plans to create many more dolls. 

Boudior Doll inspired as Marie Antoinette

The Boudoir Doll was created as a class only project. She is inspired from the original Boudoir Dolls of the 1920's. Simone wanted to create her own costuming with the fell of Marie Antoinette. Together we did a field trip to the fabric store and she choose all her own fabrics.
Close up of Simone's face painting techniques.

Above: Detailing of dress with hand-made bows. One of things I like to instill into my students is the love of creating original accessories for their dolls. The more original you can make it- the more original it is!
Below: Details of hand-made shoes...notice that she overlaid the lavender sating with blue lace for the shoe tops. It is those kind of details that make your doll special.
Final Piece:
This 34-inch Doll is made from cotton fabric with a face form.
Costuming is from satin, laces, ribbons, fresh water pearls.
Hair from silk and synthetic roving.


Deb and I have known each other for many years. Although I do not get to see Deb that often because she does not live her in CO or within driving distance, I so enjoy when we do have time together! She was in town this past week and so together we made one of the luv muffins!

Bunny luv muffin for Easter

luv muffin- bunny & cat is one of my patterns 
carried by Dollmakers Journey
This little sweetie is made from wool and felts
satin ribbon, vintage sequin eyes, and hand-made velvet carrot.


Milvi has just come to me recently and is showing such incredible skill! She was originally made teddy bears. I think she is doing so wonderfully crossing over into dollmaking. We have created one doll together and she has already jumped into making the Gossips! I am excited to see where she goes with her talent.



Phoebe is another of my patterns carried by Dollmakers Journey
This doll is created in cotton fabric.
along with colorful crisp cottons for her costuming.
Hand painted shoes! 
 Hand-painted face with needlesculpting.
Embroidered eyebrows.

All in all, I just love having this special one on one time with these gals. I have found that not only  can I teach them all that is in my experience as a dollmaker but that it is also so rewarding for me to see that accomplishment within their eyes!

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