Friday, May 3, 2013

Article in ADQ & more...


I have written an article in Art Doll Quarterly about my Chinese Hats and the magazine has just been released for Summer (May- July) ! 
I think the article came out beautifully.

Barbabra Campbell is my editor 
and Mark Mortensen is my photographer.

I  wish to share a wee bit of my article with you...

 I learned that when a traditional Chinese mother was with child, she would create a hat from carefully chosen fabric, embroidery and appliqu├ęs…Every stitch of embroidery was the manifestation of her deepest love of the child…. I love the idea of taking thoughtful stitches in fabric, inspired from the depths of my heart, to create with my hands a story filled with the symbolism and legends of ancient Chinese culture. From that simple concept a line of Story Dolls was developed, each figure crowned with an expressive hat...
Tiger- Traditional Hat


While you are so patiently waiting for my new website, I have put together a temporary site of my dolls and hats for  you to enjoy!!


Right now in the studio, my mind and hands are full of creating dolls for the NIADA "plan" is to create my Story Dolls with Hats and  2 Storybook jointed dolls with Chinese costuming. New this year will be my hats sold separately and a new line of dolls by the name of Blessed Ones- Alma Benita- I am so excited to bring this new collection to you based on the inspiration from Spanish Santos figures and my family ancestry!

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