Friday, April 26, 2013

Birthday Week in Mexico!

This year's dive trip to Cozumel Mexico coordinated 
with both mine and Mark's April birthdays!

Yes...I know what a great way to spend our days...real rough...especially while we are sitting on the dive boat until the warm sun and sparkling aqua water and hear that back home in Denver, it is snowing...

But let's get away from the snow and back to the sun and sharing of our birthdays...

When we go to Cozumel, we pretty much dive, eat, sleep, actual birthday day was our first day of diving!
Dive Master Gyser and me

This year, besides our dive buddies Candy and Mike, we were joined with their son Justin (whom Mark and I have know since he was 8 or 9 years old) and his finace Kelly!

The weather was sunny fabulous and the diving was beautiful...but on the surface things were brewing!

At lunch that day I was surprised with (none other than) a Hello Kitty cake made by Johnny, the head chef, at the Scuba Club!

It was delicios-o! White cake with strawberries in the center...

More to come with chambermaid, Margarita, and I have known each other for years and she knows how much I love HK- especially when diving it has become my "signature" . This year after a day of diving we came back to the room to find...sweet- don't you think?
We have a dear friend Lyle (and Sandy) that live part time in Cozumel. 

During the week, Lyle was such a champ at taking us to some of his favorite spots...
Mezcalitos on the Beach for birthday margs
This beach bar is on the west side of Cozumel where the waves are big and crash into the shoreline! Diving is on the east side.
The sand covered patio overlooked the beach...beautiful to sit there and listen to the waves and smell the fresh salty air OR get out to the beach and take your chance with the waves! Take my photo- quick!!

For lunch one day, we went to a local restaurant that makes the best fish tacos! You can have them made just about anyway you can think of! I love the sweet pickled onions they put on top of most of their tacos. There is a selection of three or four sauces ranging from mild to hot...oh yum!

Shrimp Tacos at local restaurant

Birthday Dinner for Mark, Lyle took us all to Knita Mexican Bistro.
Do not be fooled into thinking that since a restaurant is in Mexico that is going to be all sand and shots of tequila...this restaurant was very elegant and the food was wonderful!
We sat outside in the garden area...

Seared Tuna on a bed of mashed cauliflower
 with vegi side over sweet potato mash.
 Our Happy Birthday boy with
group after dinner!

All in all, we had a wonderful time with great friends, fabulous food and gorgeous soul renewing diving.

Nothing better than celebrating your birthday 
by having your toes in the sand!

For breathtaking underwater photos- 

see our buddy Mike's here

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