Friday, April 19, 2013

Little Mice...

Simone and I have been working with such concentration on creating master pieces, that we thought we needed a project that was a little more tame...ha! as tame as little mice can get!

She choose to do Mortimer and Merri Mouse
...but with a twist, because that is what creativity is all about!
So we set out in our first lesson to create the heads and ears that are dry felted and then wet felted.
Next lesson, we put the bodies together and wrapped the appendages (including tail!) with flosses.

Final lesson was the clothing.
This is were we delved into a different reason I love Simone is because of her thoughtfulness. Later this year, her Father will be going to a wedding in Poland. Simone wanted to make a gift for the bride and this little mouse would make the perfect bride!
Simone decided to add a touch of delicate embroidery to the edge of the skirt, the front of the bodice and sleeves.
Here is the little Bride Mouse completed!
Next was the mousie that Simone wanted to create for herself.
After deciding on her Spring-time felt colors, she added embroidery, a velvet pocket and a little collar.
 Here is her little Mouse completed!

Another step in these private lessons, is that Simone wanted to be her own photographer, so she took the photos of her completed dolls!

As I write these blogs, I feel an overwhelming happiness and gratitude that I get to teach and share these special moments with such inspiring students!!

Beautiful! The girl and her dolls...

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