Friday, April 12, 2013

ROotie Time

My sweet husband Mark, thought for my birthday that is would be so nice to get together with my "girls" since I have been concentrating on taking time away from doing my local teaching!
So, he thought why not have it at the studio and what a better way to get together than to start off with Hello Kitty cupcakes and chicken salad sandwiches! Yummy!

What fun it was to see everyone again and more delightful was too hear everyone talking and laughing together!
Me in the center with some of my "girls"

With my special girl Peg!

You would think that visiting and talking with my dear friends would be the highlight of the day...but there was more to come...

Shortly afterwards, my new niece Joyce (sitting on the back of the couch) came to visit the studio with her family that has been visiting from Taiwan!

How fun to hear them speaking Chinese with such animation as they roamed through the studio with so many things to look at!...and yes, the boys especially liked the cup cakes!
Mark, me and Taiwan family

As the day was ending, our friends (minus their Dad/Husband Mark) stopped by for one last hug and good-bye...and yes, we still had just enough cupcakes left for them!

Becca, Ben, me, Alana (who took a class with Simone), and my wonderful handsome husband Mark!
And how could we not end this day with a little sparkle? One of my favorite things to do is sprinkle tons of glitter outside my studio is wonderful since my door faces south and the glitter explodes in a its sparkling glitter-dom!

OOOooohh fun and sparkly!

When we got home, there was a knock at the door and little Frances was there to hand me this beautifully wrapped package that held a hand-made card stating that for my birthday she (and Mama) would like to take me for a manicure!
and it will be something I can use especially after working all week sculpting with clay!

What a truly fortunate woman I am...

I am thankful!

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