Friday, April 5, 2013

Making Pixies!

Laughter is timeless -
Imagination has no age -
And dreams are forever

This week, Mark and I have friends in from Minnesota. 
My Mark went to college with his buddy Mark. Mark and Kathy have three kids and one of them, 11 year old Alana, is interested in why not bring her to the studio to make something while she is here (and not up skiing!)

And what would be more perfect than a Pixie? "Our" sweet Simone (12) was happy to share her time together with Alana...

The Pixie body design is simple, with the only part taking a wee bit of concentration is the head construction. Each head is a molded face form and over-laid with pima knit fabric. The main body section simply armatured for dancing capability. I made the bodies ahead of time, so we could complete our dolls in a 2-hour session.

sample front
The costuming is a ribbon bodice with a sweet gathered skirt of delicate ribbon or tulle. The hair is a snippet of mohair carefully placed in a casual frolicking manner.

sample back
The real fun begins when we start pulling out those kept little treasures from my jars of goodies to make each Pixie detail special...sparkles, ribbons, the tiniest flower...

During our time together, Alana turned and said to me...So you like to have fun here! - Yes, as a statement, not a question...and that my dear friends, is EXACTLY what doll making is all about...

 After a couple of hours of creating and placing that lock of hair just so...
Simone and Alana with their Pixies
 It is wonderful to share with pass that love along...
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