Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Day in Peepsville!

Yes! It is that time of the year...Peeps!
Peeps here- there- everywhere!

I only know of two people who will actually eat those sugary delights...Uncle Mark and Frances!You probably know of someone who would munch down on Peeps.

Last year, Papa Frank, Mama Gysela, and Frances gave Uncle Mark 9 boxes of these little magical marshmallows! We briefly talked of doing a Peep diorama...or really a Peeporama!

...New year and more time! SOOoo, last Sunday we set out for ROotie Studio with our 9 boxes of solid Peeps! (Amazingly enough, the yellow box was still semi-soft...hummm.)

Papa Frank, Frances, and I sat down to brainstorm our game plan, with Mark as our support team bringing in pizza and drinks for continued nourishment during our adventure!

We each got a piece of paper and sketch out our thoughts...Frances put them altogether in our Master Plan so we would have something to refer to during our creative endeavor!
We taped up so we could refer back to our guide.

Much of our brainstorming was done verbally so here it is more decisive labeling for those of you not present during our worktime...
This process was a great learning experience in drawing something out in a two dimensional format and discovering how to recreate it into a three dimensional project, we also learned problem solving skills that comes with any creative master piece!

After 4 hours of intense work...we finished with the last jelly bean!

Birds-eye view
So, now you ask what were we going to do with it?
From studio...
All pieces we things that we had! We didn't buy anything new to make this project...hurray!
 To our lobby window for all of downtown Denver to enjoy!

We hope your Spring and Easter is as Blessed as Ours!

close up of hot air balloon made from a gourd, yarn and cupcake papercup

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