Friday, May 17, 2013

Milvi's Gossip

Milvi is one of my private students and so far we have made two dolls- here to her doll and others!

And now the Gossip! Milvi has been working here and at home on her own to create this masterpiece! 

For the costuming she picked out all her own fabrics. We discussed where and how they should be used.

Notice the use of red vertically down the doll- hat, sleeves, and the border of the skirt. This use of color keeps the viewers eye moving. Same with the use of the green color.

We also fussy cut the vest to make use of this exquisite pattern! Notice how the medallions line up.

Close of Milvi's painted face- just lovely!
I just love the way she turned out...and I think Milvi does too!
She is now off to create two more Gossips so this one will have others to talk with!

 Interested in creating your own?

Check out Dollmakers Journey

for the CD Lessons and Pattern

scroll down to the bottom of the Leslie Molen page

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