Friday, August 23, 2013

Hats- From the Sea

Many of you know my love of the Ocean...the Sea.
 I find it one of the places on earth that I can totally peacefully relax. It has the flow of the current that holds and sways the marine life...and like life there are always those things that you must respect and keep a watchful eye on.
These Story Hats are my design that I have taken from the sea and hopefully bringing to life up here on the land but still holding true to the flow and peacefulness.
 photography: Mark Mortensen


I will say in the hats, the fish is one of my favorites to make! Mostly because this design is of my own creation...not the legend but if I were to make a hat for a child with protective qualities put into it- it would be this! 

The fish symbolizes a word for plenty, surplus, and enough to spare. It is an essential food. The fish is a homonym for jade. It is also a symbol for happiness, good luck, and abundance. Also the fish is able to beat all odds because it is able to swim against the current.

Blue Fish

My delight in making these Fish Hats in the fabric the fish are made from- silk. Some of the fish bodies are made from vintage shibori fabric. The way this fabric was made was from tying tiny rice kernels into the fabric and then dying that fabric- like an ancient tie-dye! When the rice is removed it produces a small square of white with a slight pucking. It is beautiful and now, very hard to find!

For the backside of the tail, I love to use a pop of color. Sometimes, I may have just enough of a vintage fabric to squeeze one tail onto!

Interiors of the Hats are just as important as the exteriors, following the precision of design and in color choice to bring out the best in each hat!

Koi Fish


Two Gold Fish


I believe this to be one of the most fun hats to design, the reason being when we are diving it is a great find to actually spot and see a seahorse or two! The live in grassy areas under the ocean and blend in so well to their environment. They are delicate and gentle little creatures.

The sea horse symbolizes unity, harmony and love. This tiny creature also represents balance in life and in nature. It is the only known species that the males give birth to the babies. They encompass all that is nurturing and giving. In the wild, they are masters at blending with their surroundings. They move with a gracefully slow and steadfast pace. Find one and you will have harmony of soul and mind that day.
One of the Seahorses I designed

The pair on the hat
 Seahorses are unusual in that
the male carries and delivers the eggs.
So I made a pair- notice the entwined tails!


One of my favorite snacks to eat while I am creating my dolls is Annie's Seaweed...I know... I know... that could be just a little too much for some! But it is TASTY!

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