Friday, October 25, 2013

New StudiO Before...

Here are the new studiO befores:

It is a great space in an area called Uptown in Denver. I like it because it has that neighborhood feel while still being very urban. There are many restaurants and funky boutiques less than a 1/2 block away! AND it is only 10 minuted from home with NO highway travel- hurray!

It is in a restored Victorian House. I will be on the second floor, there are only three tenants, which makes it very quiet- yeah!
 I have a total of 4 rooms. Two will be the working areas...

Front room will be the studio area with two sunny windows!
(sorry these photos are a little pixel-ated)
Standing at the front doorway looking in...
The other space through a door way will be the office area
Looking back to the studio area
Turning and looking past the hallway to the private bath

Here is the color that I have chosen for the two rooms- I LOVE the name...Marilyn's Dress!
I have a student that has been with me for over 15 year and I was thinking about my girls when I was choosing the paint and looked at the name- just a meant to be! It is a very soft blue-grey- a little lighter than pictured here.

Next is the private bath
This wainscoting will be painted a charcoal grey.
And I found this fabulous tea towel by Sarah Young, that I will mount and hang in there!
Finally there is a small kitchenette-utility room that is now painted a faded white- I am going to have that painted a soft pink.
update: the walls were painted with oil base so my painter ended up painting 
the trim baseboards and windows- just perfect!

More to come after I unpack and get things in place 
so it looks fabulous for you!

Talk soon...

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