Friday, November 15, 2013

Santa Folk Doll*

*While I am away organizing my new StudiO...
to help bring on the Holiday Season here is an updated "rebroadcast" of

Santa Folk Doll

Over the years of teaching my dear local students, I had a goal of taking them on a journey of discovering their own gifts in use of color and techniques. 

From this particular year, I chose two specific techniques, intruducing piecing (as in quilting) and the design concept of folk style to incorporate into their dollmaking repertoire. 

I feel the more techniques you have under your belt the better "dollmaker" you will be- as with anything in life- the more you know the better and more well rounded person you can be!

We made Santas with piecing of the fabrics, applique, and embroidery. All this done with the simple design concepts of the Folk Style.  Even though these Santas where simple in design- my students would (happily) tell you that they did take time to carefully piece the squares but it was well worth the effort!

I used Japanese fabrics in colors of linens
and browns to piece the body.

Added in silk velvets from my stash.

Silk and linen #5 threads were used
for the top-stitching embroidery.

The embroidery stitches of straight stitch,
varied lazy daisy, and chain stitch.

I am sure we all know- Happy Hands- Happy Heart!

Pattern available exclusively 

through Dollmaker's Journey

Talk soon~ with photos of the new studio!!

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