Friday, October 11, 2013

Steffie Strawberry for Suzan

I posted about Steffie Strawberry last summer. Earlier this year, Suzan contacted me for a commission piece! I do love this series of Veg-Heads (and yes, I do have more rolling around in my head!)...
Ruby Radish, Penelope Pumpkin, Esperanza Eggplant, and Steffie Strawberry

I am now realizing that the behind the scene story, is as interesting to you as the doll itself and I am sharing that info with you...I love giving you the little nuances and insights that lead to a creative piece!
So, how did this commission start? Suzan sent me a photo of the draperies in her kitchen where she wanted Steffie to a part of...
Suzan said she would love for me to use a  bit of that fabric in her Steffie and sent a piece off to me.
Our main goal was for it to compliment the flower fabric of the original Steffie's skirt...Match made in heaven!
This doll is just a joy to make and I love when it can be customized for someone with their own input. I gathered other fabrics to not only compliment but hold some interest. 

I used Suzan's fabric for her torso and bright red and white stripes for her legs...can you see the interior joint gussets are a green fabric? Felt needlescuplted head and felt armatured hands. I loved working with the plaid ~lining it up just so!

Next came putting the dress together and pulling fabrics for that...
It is all in the details that helps raise your doll to the next level...

How do you symbolize the nature of the strawberry into the doll?
Sweet Strawberry Flowers
These sweet flowers are the little crowns on the strawberry plants...and so using a bit on vintage lace with flowers and scallopped was the perfect cap for this Steffie! Notice that I cut the under felt cap using scallop shears...

photography of Sean Ademy
 How do  you depict those tiny little seeds..why- as freckles- of course!
Little leaves make up her collar line...polka dot fabric repeats the freckles (or seeds).
Carried this theme onto the pocket. Notice the vintage velvet trim on the pocket and the wrist. I like how the green gusset just peeps out to pick up the green in the velvet.
To balace off the lace cap, I used this pretty vintage lace along the gathered hemline...also this gathering creates a roundness to the skirt that is shaped like a strawberry silhouette. Boots are made from a scrolling gold vine fabric. To pick up the polka dots, I added yellow bows over the repeated green velvet ribbon at the boot top.

All in all, she was a delight to create! I hope you like her too! I know she will be so happy in her new home!

 These Veg-Heads patterns are available though Dollmaker's Journey.

I emailed a photo of Steffie to Suzan and she loves much that she wanted another outfit! And SOOooo...

I created a special ensemble for her of a Swing Jacket and Pleated Cuffed Pants! How fun is this!!

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