Friday, January 17, 2014

New StudiO~Close up

There were many elements in putting this studio together to hold my vision I had in my head.

One of them was including artwork other than my own. I find that in my own studio, I prefer to be surrounded by what I have made. Understand that it is not for egotistical reasons but for a clear path to keep my work as my own. As we grow as artist, there comes a point when duplication of others work can be very easy, so to keep original to my own my own self, I like to have my pieces in my eye sight.

With that- the pictures that I have on my wall in my office area are of my own making using a factory produced product- embroidery floss.

Years ago, a dear student gave me a sample card booklet of Japanese embroidery floss. I loved them from the moment I saw them- perfect threads wound in colorways- nice and tidy...To this cloth artist, I love things in succession! I held on to it knowing one day I would frame these flosses.
tri-fold booklet
open to first fold
So where to start? I needed to figure out my wall space.Would one long picture or three separate work better? First, I loved the idea of one long picture, but since this was at the end of my moving and I had pretty much spend my budget, the three separate was the better choice financially and for wall space in the future.

I looked at the expense for the size I wanted for each picture to be framed...$65-$70 each- too much for this cowgirl...Now being an artist, this does not stop a good percentage of us. If we can't find it within our means- we MAKE it!

My sweet husband, Mark, suggested that I check out Big Lots...hummmm...I wasn't going to find anything there...BUT jackpot!!

We found three of these "lovely" prints. I didn't need the print just the frame, mat, and glass...

So apart they came, the print was glued to the back mat board which ended up destroyed to take them apart- no worries there I had plenty of my own mat board.

Next came the careful disassembling of the flosses from their neat sections of the sample card booklet.
Then choosing the background to mound them upon. I had this fabulous chirimin silk from Japan...perfect in a natural off white.
Silk in rolled paper protective wrapper
close up of woven design in silk
I first mounted the fabric. Then thoughtfully laid out and mounted each strip of flosses to a colorway that somewhat followed their original numbering system.

Added the mat and secured it, then the glass and frame. Final touch was the sawtooth hanger in a landscape position...

 Yes, these took me a couple of days but how I enjoy seeing them when I enter into my office. I think that having things with intention around you makes for an overall better environment to create with purposeful thought.

Yes, being an artist, we are very fortunate to be able to create. period.

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